Concordance for Names that live in Catholic hearts : memoirs of Cardinal Ximenes, Michael Angelo, Samuel de Champlain, Archbishop Plunkett, Charles Carroll, Henri de Larochejacquelein, Simon de Montfort / by Anna T. Sadlier.

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1.   besque ornaments, Moorish and its vivid orange color. We pass on in shadow of the tall
2. ot;Come up higher." the habit of a gray or Franciscan friar, in a convent of th
3. he dead sovereigns gleam with unearthly white of the polished jasper columns reflect
4. charms meet the eye through those dull gray arches; and there, sweetest of all, rei
5. her members of the university by a long red, closely fitting robe, with a scarf of
6. f her victims blood, empurpled with the purple of her hills, empurpled with the twilig
7. till they melt in golden light over the yellow Tiber. Centuries ago a mighty monarch l
8. stians. in innumerable echoes among the black arches away overhead, or in the sinuous
9. e dark vaults with sweet aroma; and the white-haired Pontiff, kneeling, upraised his
10. arth, never again to disappear from its green surface till Time shall cast its burden
11. thousand charms allured him: the dusky purple of the dying day, the mellow light 54 N
12. itronscented groves and olive hills and orange gardens of his all these spoke to his y
13. logna should have his thumb sealed with red wax. Angelo and his friends having negl
14. or more life-sized figures, drawn with black chalk, relieved with white." The C
15. , drawn with black chalk, relieved with white." The Cartoon of Pisa," says
16. original design was that they should be white washed over, and painted by Angelo. The
17. t wondrous ceiling of to-day was a vast white blank. and ceiling bears various decora
18. he vineyard of the patriarch, where the purple grapes ripen under skies and suns that
19. riars were singing their vespers in the gray hush of when without, among the evening
20. t; atttt of[ Wandering there mongst the red men, I bless d God in truth and in secr
21. e cathe in gloom of gnarled oaks olden, white spring-time with the blossoms of the ac
22. anada of the swiftLawrence and the dark blue Ottawa; but in those far-off times thei
23. hery of her changing moods and rest The gray mists that rose at dawn from her less m
24. over the seething main, the foam, like white, despairing faces on the surface of the
25. He of which had already crossed the far blue ocean. speaks of these countries in the
26. roam " " innumerable herds of green; it is cattle, for its beautified by gr
27. ich bounded light as a feather over the blue waters. As to break in they approached
28. ing the conclusion of a treaty with the red men, Champlain sailed down towards Gasp
29. ge and unfamiliar constellations in the blue firma ment above him; back to him came
30. reparing temporary dwellings, where the red man had hitherto held undis puted sway.
31. DE CHAMPLAIN. heads. 95 Henceforth the red tomahawk of war was unsheathed between
32. barks glided swiftly through the still, blue waters, the plashing of the oars in the
33. the lake, dark and tranquil, laved the green shores. among dim Camp-fires glowed in
34. to fury, The sun streaked the East with red, like the war-paint of the savage, and
35. t the Mother was bad, and would eat the red man; but that the bright Sun that shone
36. f time five warriors went yonder to the red home of the setting sun, and as they jo
37. brought with him over the deep and dark blue ocean his fair young With brave heart s
38. ions came of her native land, where the purple grape ripened under genial suns, the bl
39. sed to the treachery and cruelty of the red-skins. Taking all these things into con
40. Heleme de Saint Augustin, and ended her gray quiet of the cloister. During these fou
41. s to death without mercy. Meantime, two white men had been murdered at Cape Tourmente
42. savages, for not only would they kill a white man who offended them if they dreamt of
43. ould most willingly receive them if the Black-Robes would be content with being asked
44. was the condition I! 6 NAMES THAT LIVE. white flag at the masthead. The inhabitants o
45. the Great Spirit. I was loaded with The Black-Robe disdained to look at them. He skin
46. n you to the distant tribes to find the Black-Robe. saw me if you had told me of pray
47. e it and will follow it to the end. The Red Man does not want your money and your m
48. s of The day after the departure of the blue St. Lawrence. the vessel, one was sight
49. o the Hurons, and persuaded many of the red men to hear the words of truth. Soon af
50. ges. Before a Virginian had crossed the Blue Ridge, and while Connecticut was still
51. he land of the Great Spirit, beyond the red home of the setting sun. The colony pro
52. he charm these very ruins lend her! The gray and crumbling walls, thickly covered wi
53. n its throughout this beautiful island, green light and coolness like a gem upon in a
54. l old longings began to crowd upon him: green spots which in boyhood he had loved; pe
55. is birth, and more for a glimpse of the green island round towers of other days"
56. the priests of the Sun beheld from the green heights of Tara the first rising of the
57. ce, which was henceforth to light their green shores and illumine their dusky hills.
58. through the grated window over the fair green face and misty hills of the land he lov
59. e judges, the defenceless victims whose white might have won compassion, and the lict
60. multitude had assembled to witness the Blue and cloudless truly apostolic life. was
61. he distance that separated him from the green hills and bright streams and golden sun
62. writer, Goldwin Smith, de stain on the white ermine of clares, English justice."
63. flame, emblematical of martyrdom. of a brown color and quite perfect, with the excep
64. se, which is slightly injured. * of the white hair, as we find from De Burgo." h
65. corpses at Valley Forge, at Trenton, at White Plains, Ticonder- We do not only refer
66. camp,* and an officer in the old Joseph Blue and South. Buffs, the first volunteer c
67. uit arrived on fathers, notably Fathers White and Altham, of the Chesapeake in March,
68. windows are of frescoed, with panels of blue ; The chapel calling all at the distant
69. he " stained glass the altar is of white marble, brought from the late Colonel C
70. sacred to the members of the family. A white " marble slab at the very fine pai
71. wide porticos with pillars and floor of gray and white marble. At the back this port
72. icos with pillars and floor of gray and white marble. At the back this portico extend
73. d and this lawn the eye loses itself in green meadows corn-fields, with a background
74. e. No. shall glittering diadem, and the purple of the monarch at the solemn mockeries
75. d the deer through the gently with him. green forests of his native Poitou, beside he
76. h by the breath of anger or resentment. Gray-haired were trampled in the same dust w
77. m and sheltered places to take his rank green among its foremost defenders. The life
78. ed amid those prison horrors into snowy white; whose face, the delight of kings and c
79. dren s children. All the while the soft green moss was up the stony sides of the cros
80. d the failure of their risen, of velvet green.* first rising at Bres roused by the da
81. what Bonchamps, whose face was already gray with the shadows of death, had commande
82. a short time victory was theirs. In the gray some voices in the rear of the royal da
83. here in summer-time the grass grew very green and a waving tree played at cross-bars
84. rt. They laid by as a relic the knot of white the colors of the cause, which he had e
85. ed with a prouder title of nobility the white streamer of La Vendee. The ancient mano
86. to see, With scapular on breast and the white royal Sword in hand, Monsieur Henri. sc
87. . They received upon their shoulder the red cross of the Crusader, and for sook the
88. repulsive creed, the and beautiful all green earth and tion of the wonders of the un
89. ntfort at its head. Dawn broke cold and white upon the tents of the besiegers, and ov
90. ; he said, "are outraged. "My gray the torrent of corruption. My decrees d
91. ps Buffalo, of Covington, Grass Valley, Green Bay, Monterey and Los Angeles, Natchez,

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016