Concordance for Names that live in Catholic hearts : memoirs of Cardinal Ximenes, Michael Angelo, Samuel de Champlain, Archbishop Plunkett, Charles Carroll, Henri de Larochejacquelein, Simon de Montfort / by Anna T. Sadlier.

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1.    of the day* speaks of him thus: to St. Augustine, in austerity of life courtier A "
2. ed men to prepare a complete edition of Aristotle but his death occurring soon after, put
3. trait way were At last left behind, and swift through the narrow gate his spirit That
4. AEL ANGELO. 57 beauty of person, and so swift of foot that one riding on horseback co
5. ing, ruins of ancient Rome, the infidel Gibbon listened dreamily to their chants as he
6. s, dwelt with delight upon the works of Dante and Petrarch. His personal character wa
7. d wood land. The mariners who dared the swift rapids and steered their barks through
8. was declared to be a stout craft and a swift sailer," and was retained in the s
9. . Finding the plan successful, he had a mill erected by which the peas could be crus
10. ands of years have hastened on in their swift passage to eternity. If we be of a po e
11. ary," occupied the English throne, James I. again made arbitrary laws against hi
12. on after the Primate s arrival, by Lord Berkeley, under intractable," whose governm
13. reduced to a very small num Under Lord Berkeley, Catholics were permitted to inhabit an
14. g wroth. En couraged by the leniency of Berkeley s administration, the brave lords and g
15. sed, resulting chiefly in the recall of Berkeley, who in his views, and the appoint ment
16. ustrious Charles Earl of Arran.* " James Fox declares that the proceedings of th
17. o the Lord Chancellor of Ireland,* Lord Berkeley, Lord Essex, and Lord Ormonde. He was l
18. e a foot of the scaffold. s crown and a swift and unutterably blissful martyr entranc
19. being, as a Protestant writer, Goldwin Smith, de stain on the white ermine of clares

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