Concordance for Harry Dee, or, Making it out / by Francis J. Finn.

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1.   est of 30 CHAPTER VI. col- In which the Blue Clippers get a new member and the lege 
2. is overcoat, my father took out a large yellow envelope, from which he produced a "See
3. nted chin to the wrinkled forehead, was yellow and sombre, and his long, thin nose and
4. passion and volume with each word, his yellow face grew paler. There was that in the
5. snarl which brought into play his ugly yellow teeth; he backed his way out of the roo
6. his well-browned hand and shak* " That red-haired boy," he con ing mine heartily.
7. My who just made the speech " "It isn't red; it's gold," put in Percy. "Is the awfu
8. nough. And we need a pitcher for our is Blue Clippers, anyhow. sore for regular work
9. were rated so high that on joining the Blue Clippers at the beginning of the 38 HAR
10. hem to the reader as I saw them on that red-letter day of my life. Tom, stout, brow
11. red-letter day of my life. Tom, stout, brown, ruddy, with his face ever serene, with
12. pital point. His skin was very fair and white, save where on either cheek a slight to
14. per Tom, intent brought me over to the "blue grass." "I got pe/mission to bring you
15. " exclaimed Frank; "did you ever such a yellow river?" " had the jaundice from ^h^^tug
16. en tad concluded my tale he fell into a brown-study. HARRf Til *r DEE. 6 tell you wha
17. floor, at that pathetic glove bathed in purple, and as I gaze at this picture and it a
18. dormitory surrounded by boys with faces white as a sheet and gazing upon me in awe an
19. fragrant memory. words, as from out his blue eyes there shown that unselfish love wh
20. yond doubt I was the worst of all the " Blue Clippers." My batting was wretched and
21. birds fell welcome upon while the fresh green grass just peeping out of the earth and
22. on. "So," continued Mr. Middleton, "you Blue Clippers are going to put on your baseb
23. through fairyland. At three o'clock we Blue Clippers emerged from our dressing-room
24. gure of us all. Our costume was simple: white flannel with "Blue Clippers" lettered a
25. costume was simple: white flannel with "Blue Clippers" lettered across the a white c
26. h "Blue Clippers" lettered across the a white cap. shirts, breast, white knee-breeche
27. across the a white cap. shirts, breast, white knee-breeches, blue stockings, blue bel
28. p. shirts, breast, white knee-breeches, blue stockings, blue belt, and Tom "You was
29. t, white knee-breeches, blue stockings, blue belt, and Tom "You was proud look of ou
30. the positions of the contending sides: BLUE CLIPPERS. Wynn, 1. f. Quip, c. f. Keena
31. our captain. With the exception of the Blue Clippers, every one was nonplussed. Thi
32. h. make home on 1. Score : Juniors, 2 ; Blue Clippers, was an exciting inning. on a
33. im, waited till all had passed into the blue grass save Frank Burdock, Tom, and myse
34. dainty ships of the an infinite sea of blue. Lightly they hover the over the tranqu
35. free and reaching almost to her sash of blue, tossed alternately by her quick moveme
36. etty face somewhat femi dress, upon her white — it nine; so feminine, in fact, that
37. succeeded in landing a lusty four-pound black bass. Before he had it fairly in the bo
38. ree-pound pickerel, Frank's a two-pound black bass. "Hurrah!" cried Frank; "we've abo
39. shore crisped, then reared their myriad white crests and broke into angry waves. Befo
40. stroke was tallied by a deeper tinge of black, as though some genie of the air was sc
41. t we knew not at what moment the hungry white-caps would hurl themselves raging into
42. owed on Percy's hand, with those kindly blue eyes bent " down in grief upon his pall
43. d, forever. posed, unprotected; — jet-black hair that fitted so well over the nutol
44. at fitted so well over the nutold, that brown face of health. Little looked so startl
45. ht prayers. of the mili- "Look," said a yellow-faced student tary academy, as he point
46. the justice of stating that must do The yellow-faced one lowhe actually interposed.) e
47. served. Perhaps you'd like to throw The yellow-faced air, individual took on a bellige
48. king!" There was a number of these ugly black birds hovering in mid-air, uttering the
49. The stain of my uncle's blood! and same black mark upon the pillow-slip." Even Tom sh
50. in the It was an afternoon in October. blue grass Quip, Ruthers, Tom, Percy, Whyte,
51. uesday and Thursday afternoon we in the blue grass, and for an hour studied and read
52. ght On for all that a small boy. He was black still clad in his for sober black coat
53. e was black still clad in his for sober black coat and still knickerbockers, though t
54. them wherever we're particularly bad in blue, and where we're particularly good in r
55. e, and where we're particularly good in red, and occasionally, when he thinks it su
56. t a Mrs. Raynor, but a Mr. RayDetective Green (one of the best men on our force) says
57. or that was the last Probably Detective Green never came upon th* I heard of him, 1 6
58. a boy of twelve, with light hair, sharp blue eyes, a nose that turned up slightly, a
59. s lost prestige, took out his bottle of red ink, and, to the intense interest some
60. s admirers, stained the tip of his nose red. kerchief, he rushed Covering his mouth
61. rs went worse than usual. A quantity of red pepper placed on the stove set all the
62. of things. DEE. 1 75 Tipp feels pretty blue, not so no longer leader, but because t
63. Tipp wants me to help him out. He feels blue about the way Mr. Auber's been treated,
64. ut now! Tipp hat, and upon his spotless white shirt rested a jewelled neck-tie. He wo
65. ere Nor was it the perfunctory style of black- ing which generally characterized his
66. help you, my dear friend," he said, his blue eyes swimming. "Be brave and strong; tr
67. was a boy of ten or eleven, dark-eyed, black-haired, neatly but poorly clad, working
68. . I And oh! Mrs. Raynor, " concluded, " black as for stands the evidence against you,
69. stretched over the coverlet, your hand red with blood. You were sleeping calmly, a
70. ad climbed upon my knee and was eyes so red, friend. " Brother Harry, " playing wit
71. " mamma to the beautiful prince. What's red all the matter, brother Harry? Your fac
72. larger. 228 HARRY if DEE. hair, who has blue eyes and golden you will smile at you c
73. After reading this letter I fell into a brown-study. As matters now seemed were all t
74. But what impressed me most was his iron-gray. rugged, forbidding forehead fixed in g
75. d the open window which The first faint gray looked out upon the east. streaks of da
76. Clippers." his Tom rearranged into the "Blue Our genial and, friend Mr. Keenan playe

Author: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016