Concordance for Harry Dee, or, Making it out / by Francis J. Finn.

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1.   e doubtful pleasure of renewing Mr. 242 James Caggett's acquaintance, ..... .... . CH
2. the floor. Of course you remember Uncle James, don't you?" your Uncle James had been
3. ber Uncle James, don't you?" your Uncle James had been I shivered at the name. He had
4. harsh and very miserly. "Remember Uncle James, papa? Indeed I do!" "Well, something s
5. omething strange has come over him poor James! he's a diamond in the rough; for he's
6. ight. Important business. Your brother, James Dee. If my father counted on my wish th
7. woman with you ?" " Mrs. Raynor, Uncle James. She has my mother'^ place." "Your moth
8. on the earth would come I know you. Mr. James Dee. So does my For he died penniless,
9. ad ^loud something to this effect: " I, James Dee, being and bequeath all of sound mi
10. nd value soever to 21 my serv- ing-man, James Caggett. The old man here raised his ey
11. He his desk and read in substance: " I, James Dee, being of sound mind, do hereby dev
12. " for there are others to consider, Mr. James am, will you promise to make some resti
13. have claims upon my money." "Yes, Uncle James." And and to-mor"I've been mean, Harry.
14. avorite can excite. "That's what I call fielding," said the second Will he get his hands
15. n for Percy's promptness in chasing and fielding the ball he would have made a home run
16. ons of his fellowplayers. Fox knocked a swift liner straight at Joe Whyte, who caught
17. ° HARRY DEE. "There's a quotation from Shakespeare that woul<{ fit in here, but somehow I
18. run away from him," cried With another swift — Percy comes on, graceful and a seco
19. that I was standing before the ghost of James Dee. "Uncle!" I gasped. "Nephew," came
20. en o'clock, me meditating on the wrongs James Dee had done my baby children. I had no
21. d. clear out of my This murYou've head. James Aldine ? Pretty often, too. Oh, you sho
22. , he had intended to consecrate to God. James died the very morning and as I knelt ov
23. many things about himself — he ; take James Aldine's place." "And you have vently "
24. . you don't understand what meant by my James intended to give his life to God by wor
25. by working for God; since the death of James I've prayed and prayed every day that I
26. — . taken everything for granted. It James Nagle, a stock-broker; Cyrus Smith, a w
27. . It James Nagle, a stock-broker; Cyrus Smith, a wholesale grocer now transpires that
28. , on Decembei 23d, accompanied by Cyrus Smith, paid your uncle twentj thousand dollar
30. standing before me than my uncle's old James Caggett. Here be- My fore plans were fo
31. talking to an old friend of my family, James Caggett." The bloodshot eyes glanced at
32. nife my room, to-morrow, in my heart. I James Dee. " awake or dreaming. " Nugent took
33. g low he wrote a note in imitation of " James Dee's handwriting, announcing "Ah," I g

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016