Concordance for A garden of roses : Stories and sketches / By Maurice Francis Egan.

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1.   t the office at eight, you know. I hear James Tyrrell on the stairs." " "Would you re
2. tion. Joe's companion in the office was James Tyrrell. Tyrrell was fifteen a year old
3. an up- right, elderly way. lived in the James Tyrrell Joe. same house with an old A d
4. f that, he has plenty of work on ; name James Tyrrell is lying ill with smallpox in t
5. on Joe. When he had told these things, James His have been raised several times sinc
6. was each boy to take a bite from it. Al Smith. He said he had once killed a snake. Hi
7. "Please, miss," he said, "Mom says that Plato Socrates hab de scarlet fever, and she'
8. l, and return to see what could be done Plato Socrates Johnston. for little The down
9. usan and the baby to its ; mother. When Plato Socrates had recovered from the scarlet
10. n their material from Catholic sources. Chaucer, who wrote the Canterbury Tales, was a
11. e the Canterbury Tales, was a Catholic. Shakespeare derived his inspiration from and cultur

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016