Concordance for The Flemmings, or, Truth triumphant / By Mrs. Anna H. Dorsey...

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1.   m to how he felt, while he helped T him bacon and eggs, and Mrs. Flemming, w ith a re
2. ast fowls, a dish of savory flitches of bacon just fried to a turn there were apple a
3. ke, brown cottages nestling between the mill here slopes, a wind- and there, and the
4. and cheap dissemination of philosophy. Kant and Spinoza had not then enlightened th
5. p dissemination of philosophy. Kant and Spinoza had not then enlightened the American m
6. were as meaningless as anything in Joe Smith's Bible. Had this power become a dead l
7. h- ters, as of an unseen presence; but, swift-footed brood over it practical, they di
8. g the long lines of surf, as the strong swift billows oi the Atlantic swept shoreward
9. om some of the deep sentences of Thomas Aquinas. " " Who And ; it's only a poor beggar-
10. Thank you, Patrick is but you know that swift,' ' the race not always to the nor the
11. oped THE FLEMMINGS. purchaser for the " Mill," as it 301 was called —from the fact
12. from the fact that there was a ruined mill there whose wheel had once been turned
13. gone dry, which of course rendered the mill useless, and to decay. If it it had fal
14. If it it had fallen he could sell the " Mill" farm to ad- vantage, would be a great
15. as came back from the day he was able " Mill " farm empty-handed, saying that Wilbur
16. s me ; leave to stay on and he tell The Mill,' 'till sold and says not a stitch of i
17. dition of the poverty-stricken family " Mill Farm/' they did not let their own misfo
18. very- thing around him. the people at " Mill indeed, as of the The gratitude and tha
19. written to him about the purchase of " Mill Farm ;" came home disappointed, for the
20. and Eva thought they would go down to " Mill Farm," to find out how the Wilburs were
21. out Hope gave a spirited account of the Mill Farm adventure — at which Reuben laug
22. omical way related their adventure at " Mill " farm, Hope he declared that he would
23. gravely and sorrowfully. hope to sell ' Mill ' farm; my lad ; and there's a balance
24. and dollars out of ;' dratted steam saw-mill with sir," and if continued Nicholas, "
25. ne. 351 discouraging. The outlook was " Mill No one seemed to want to buy last resou
26. y along in the sunshine towards the Old Mill, everything looked so lovely that he sa
27. ling stream that used to turn the great mill-wheel —was dancing and flashing over
28. r, from the upif per windows of the Old Mill over there, to see it," said " I'd you
29. ay two thousand great news for Mrs. buy Mill Farm and it. dollars cash for This was
30. ilence; he had seemed so eager to buy " Mill Farm," and said 364 THE FLEMMINGS. woul
31. business was connected with the sale of Mill Farm. THE FLEMMINGS. " No indeed, mothe
32. which, tasks of love deftly done by her swift had she not been there, would have take
33. on 6 — stopped, re- the sale of her, Mill ' farm, and what happiness it would be
34. nclude the purchase of that down yonder Mill farm. I have brought the money with me,
35. , Wilbur," he replied down there at the Mill farm." " What have you Can say,'*' my f
36. uick. Look here, Elder, have " you sold Mill farm yet ?" it, As good as sold Wilbur,
37. , Wilbur at ?" The soapstun down yonder Mill Farm. it Bless your soul, Elder, there'
38. e so stupid as man with the hammer have Mill farm two thousand dollars, " with the s
39. en chipping away down yonder at the Old Mill these three months, making things out o
40. Chocorua then ; I took him up into the mill, to show him the view father, from the
41. o the next room to down. again, And and Mill Nicholas tell made Reuben go all over i
42. ather were on their way towards the Old Mill. "When Hagar was unveiled, and the red
43. , that ' "he had changed his mind about Mill' farm, and should not sell it.' He insi
44. break up our old home, or even to sell Mill farm." " Why ! the land's-sake !" she e
45. ed a valuable quarry I" of soapstone at Mill " farm He did ! And ! to think him that
46. ces exceeding their timid requests ever swift to obtain from sion for those for ! —
47. o buy machinery and materials steam saw-mill, which risen for the construction of th
48. from cheeks. The Wilburs is staid on at Mill farm ; and Wilbur now Wolfert Flemming'

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016