Concordance for The fate of the Dane and other stories / by Anna Hanson Dorsey.

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1.   , she glided past him like a shadow, so swift and graceful were her motions and in an
2. outside the castle walls than spread as swift as light over the land, reviving the dr
3. in a broken voice he wished her joy in swift steps, and happiness in the life to com
4. h waited sorrow for the turning of that mill which measures out God's justice, " gri
5. ells. What they found was not the fair, swift " Sea Bird," but a sodden thing empty o
6. ral accordance with the precepts of St. James, and in other works of mercy, her time
7. ful mien that she was a patrician. With swift light steps she approached the Cathedra

Author: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016