Concordance for The fair maid of Connaught and other tales for catholic youth / by Kate Duval Hughes.

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1.   yet lithe made form, draped in the dark blue cloak; the hood falling back from a hea
2. ss of her complexion, through which the blue veins were traced in all the aristocrac
3. s were traced in all the aristocracy of blue blood,was almost unearthly in purity; w
4. n lovely waves and soft curls; the deep blue eyes seemed moist with some tears about
5. gracefully curled elms, that Around the green The heart that is a cottage was near ;
6. spite of a very large mouth, and a dim gray eye-there was such a wonderful goodness
7. €” 18 THE FAIR MAID OF CONN AUGHT. lier blue woolen petticoat, with purple calico tu
8. AUGHT. lier blue woolen petticoat, with purple calico tucked up and pinned beliind; la
9. es adorned her feet, and a scrupulously white 'ker- pinned across her bosom. She neve
10. hered up in a little knot behind it was brown hair slightly silvered with gray-and wa
11. t was brown hair slightly silvered with gray-and was her hands too, soft and fine as
12. rewdness and innocence; his large light blue eyes were always wide open, and so ; TH
13. Ills nose, wliicli an even row of very white teetli is tlie most important feature i
14. y live and love and delight." The clear blue vault of heaven was cloudless, and the
15. rin's Isle," of tlie brightest, richest green. its full The hawthorn was out lift lux
16. in the trees to kiss the fair brow her blue muslin dress fluttered in the morning b
17. n days of October. The great display of black cattle, horses and sheep was always ver
18. bons while Pat's hat was adorned with a green band and a bunch of shamrock. John Daly
19. ffer. Kathleen's steel colored silk and white hat with a long plume, only served to e
20. e, and she soon was chatting gaily; her white dress and blue ribbons fluttered in the
21. was chatting gaily; her white dress and blue ribbons fluttered in the breeze, and he
22. tlia,t She looks like a calla lily with white hat and plume. I think I could woo and
23. introduce me." Guy Dominick's face grew white with suppressed rage, but he did not da
24. quiet grace, and opened wide those dark gray meeting his impertinent gaze with calm
25. e places. "Calla Lily.'' She turned her white throat, bowed and looked on in great be
26. here to, as in so beautifully illustra- Green Isle, and her own faithful people. The
27. ing cares of life," and the deep, clear blue eye spoke only of strict integrity and
28. o place again her Michael's broad palm. white hand in There certainly was in the litt
29. he ferns and lichens seemed of a richer green. Eily stooped down in childish glee, an
30. ing a β€” β€” β€” β€” tumbling doAvn in white foam, and then disappearing for awhile
31. menced playing with laughing merrily. " white foam of the brook, letting the water pa
32. ce and neck, the eyes drooped, till the brown lashes lay on her rosy cheek. Her bosom
33. sweet balmy atmosphere, and the lovely blue of the sky was unbroken, save by occasi
34. ght fleecy clouds, that passed over the blue in graceful sweeps, and looked like lac
35. FAIK MAID OF CONN AUGHT. robe of simple white muslin in the golden 55 β€”the tulle ve
36. caught waves of her hair by a spray of orange blossoms β€”she made a sweet picture of
37. -fashioned church was Father Blake ^his white hair flowing down over his shoulders, a
38. onsolation, and showering bles- and the black robed her queenly form, and off, β€” β€
39. €” β€” habit only enhanced; the slender white fingers β€” 60 THE FAIR MAID OF CONNAUG
40. xteen young girls, clothed uniformly in brown stuff, and wearing on their heads long
41. wearing on their heads long old The man white veils; this modest ornament distinguish
42. praise her like another. She had large brown with long, black eye lashes. One could
43. another. She had large brown with long, black eye lashes. One could say nothing of he
44. and at last saw Pamela enter, her eyes red and tearful; the poor little one knelt
45. must have self regularly. remarked how white and delicate were her little hands; but
46. ere excess, is remarkably silly. pretty brown eyes, always looked as though they were
47. for a appears while, when the unclouded blue The day was charming, and she soon foun

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016