Concordance for Fabiola.

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1.    and it falls into an elevated basin of red marble, over the sides of which flows i
2. texture, without embroidery, except the purple ribbon sewed on, and called the segment
3. an open and warm heart, while which his brown hair naturally curls, beams with a brig
4. ythians each evening cast into an urn a white or a black stone, according as the day
5. h evening cast into an urn a white or a black stone, according as the day had been ha
6. ad to do so, it would serve to mark, in white or black, the days on which opportunity
7. so, it would serve to mark, in white or black, the days on which opportunity of relat
8. ou, in 'Not ; ' rei:)lied Corvinus, now purple with fury but "— ered, his The boy's
9. has been made of him, as of one of the white-robed army that surrounds the whose blo
10. sup- posed to possess. stock, One is a black ; not of the degraded negro but from on
11. ould be, most noble mistress," said the black slave, "if I could only be in the tricl
12. th the last remit- The dininff-liall. f Black antimony applied on the eyelids. ^ ©"
13. years old, dressed in pure and spotless white, withont a single ornament about her pe
14. the other playfully, "in your own snow-white dress, without jewel or if ornament, as
15. Or are you Saint Agu( aware that there red spot is, right On the — bosom of your
16. d, a form with a torch in her hand, and black flapping wings, flies by, snatches it f
17. process; and greatly suspected that the black slave Afra, who she knew could not bear
18. ed her that they were enjoying felicity black, and deep ravine, at the bottom of whic
19. fan her fevered face with his gold and purple wing; when she lost her vision in a cal
20. an," said Sebastian ; " it is Fabiola's black slave, Afra." "And the man," added Panc
21. e means were, his conversation with the black slave will best explain. "I have come t
22. trust to the power of And how can your black art." "Then heart " let me give gift yo
23. where am I to get it? it is that I The black slave smiled maliciously, and " seek."
24. on there among our : neighbors? " " The black is slave," he replied, " who if is thei
25. n the shore with its and by degrees one white edifice after the till other sparkled i
26. had followed and watched him. From the black slave he had before learnt the mean and
27. west- ern sea, and canopied above with purple clouds, edged with burnished yet airy o
28. he sapless, shrivelled vine-stem, first green leaves, then crisp slender tendrils, an
29. which are to glow in rich it, imperial purple, are passing rapidly to through a chang
30. lower or browner shade of its delicious green. Then, mingle with these the innumerabl
31. la had hastened, before the rush on the black slave's interview with the slojDe of ro
32. an embossed and enamelled frame, by the white sun-lit sails of yachts, galleys, pleas
33. spring, confined for a favorite spot of green, kept ever fresh by the gush, from an o
34. lden fish that bask in their light, but black and loathsome creeping things, which se
35. cypresses, amidst which villa shone the white walls of the large not exactly define t
36. isported, She but which now presented a black unbroken surface. could contain herself
37. who has picked up in a torrent's bed a white pellucid pebble, rough and dull outside
38. loes, and the wild ; vine, amidst which white goats shone like spots of snow while be
39. f the vast garden of Campania, with the blue bay of Cajeta in the background, sj)eck
40. eta in the background, sj)eckled by the white sails of its craft, that looked at that
41. n fresh autumn vineyards, pure streams, purple ocean. Interior of a Roman Theatr and a
42. re. The fact was, that ; he had no love green fields or running brooks society of his
43. answered Fabius, somewhat startled, the black witch has been playing no tricks with y
44. he desolateness of the outcast, and the black despair of the reprobate, rolled like d
45. unviolated. On being opened the bones, white, bright, and polished as ivory, were fo
46. eleton of a boy, of twelve or thirteen, black and charred chiefly at the head and upp
47. being dug. much prized for That is, the red volcanic sand called puzzolana, so maki
48. nded to them for a moment ; but as if a black poisonous drop rose up his throat with
49. prcss, the eye reached, at evening, the purple slope of hills on which, as on a couch,
50. raised brother-barbarian Diodes, to the purple by his known as the emperor Dioclesian.
51. with the hair on his head and face more yellow than red, roll- shaggy and wild, like t
52. r on his head and face more yellow than red, roll- shaggy and wild, like tufts of s
53. f the dialogue between Corvinus and her black slave, as he could without L causing un
54. compact between the two dabblers in the black art, the principal ef&cacy of which, ho
55. first ; was as of a boundless ocean of black seething waves, on which floated no liv
56. osophers differed, was now basking on a green bank in Elysium, and quaffing nectar. "
57. arefully avoided. chasuble, of spotless white, was cast over the ordinary garinfula,
58. st of them appeared two, whose dazzling white garments shone the These were the two n
59. the moment she approached, and took the green fragrant ; ; herbs which she brought th
60. ge aspect, matted sandy hair, and bushy red features, moustaches, made them appear
61. ed from a cauldron, to observe the with red burning gashes that cut bars went acros
62. phemy; else, or all had subsided into a black ashy mass. And what more, would those b
63. ver, with thrilling accents ovarium, or white linen cloth, he extending in his hand a
64. the unusual reflectiles, tion on their yellow or marble slabs, appeared covered of th
65. golden It oi- silver plates, set in the red damask looked like a homage on the 23ai
66. which have the head and extremities of white marble, and startle one, when first see
67. r brow, her face, and neck, just before white as marble. The angry judge checked the
68. han ever, and went on "Tou remember the black and complicated crime by which we conce
69. ed smouldering like a glow-worm, on the red earth, and died. Was for ever he dead t
70. ied between them a form wrapped up in a white linen with a crown of thorns upon the h
71. st venerable in appearance, with a long white beard streaming on his breast, mild in
72. , dark, who this night am and dismal of white- prison, shall be, before another sun h
73. ance of a slave with a light. Afra, the black servant, was who came to prepare her mi
74. , towards the sun. rolled away, and the blue embroidered the sanctuary's, veil of mo
75. IGHT was slave, far advanced, when the black having completed her marriage settlemen
76. XXVII. THE SECOND CROWN. plot which the black slave betrayed to Corvinus, was one to
77. alled out. Opposite to her, high in the white marble wall, she had observed an open w
78. ad observed an open window, corniced in yellow marble, which gave light to a ments wer
79. ed. And he gave him trinket to Hyphax's black spouse." Fabiola's splendid ring. He ha
80. will smile, as look more brilliant on a black hand than even on mine. Adieu if ! " an
81. heart, were distilled hatred. into one black, solitary drop, With flashing look, and
82. ark gar- ments looked of her mourning a white and spotless bridal almost dazzling; wh
83. low door of the dungeon, looked like a black and van- quished demon, plunging into a
84. Standing before you, I seem to be as a black spot compared to your brightness. Chris
85. bridesmen coming to sumsee on high the white-robed bridesmaids borne on the bright c
86. ed down, in golden waves, upon her snow-white dress.* It was a lovely morning. its Ma
87. veris et Pavoni." I Pudicitia. crimson, purple, and gold, a garment truly imperial, an
88. wield his sword. t As inclined, her her white robe, with her head arms modestly cross
89. rare plant, of which the slender stalk, white as the lily, bent the child knelt alone
90. the prostration of prayer, had not the white robe been in that minute dyed into a ri
91. on Now listen to the last * words that Red paint. will speak, or they : ; may be t
92. The latter, since the influence of the black slave had been removed, had attached he
93. d of splendid garment as she was of the white robe, which came out days. of the font,
94. la. sister," Not while you have on your white garment, dear answered Miriam. " I know
95. not rob you of one hour of your mystic white- ness." Dionysius came, and saw a great
96. n the Sunday following, " Sunday of the white garments," Dionysius celebrated, by spe
97. n Dioclesian had been degraded from the purple, and had died a peevish destitute old m
98. d, the other did so He was bald and and red, and covered with blotches and boils. A
99. for drink. A venerable old man, with a white beard, put a wooden bowl of water to mj
100. he was indeed a wicked man, a man ! of black passions and remorseless villany. Conne
101. oking behind him, caught a glimpse of a black face grinning hideously through the fen
102. nt by Orontius in penitential fervor, a green mound by the palms, in the little dell

Author: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016