Concordance for Fabiola.

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1.   by Benziger Brothers. Blectrot3rped t>y SMITH & McDOTJGAL, New Torfc. P R E FAC E TO 
2. ance with * This custom suggests to St. Augustine the beautiful idea, that the Jews were
3. ut a Catholic ; pass-word not a for St. Augustine it, tells us that heretics it ridi- •
4. shade over this classic ground, as did Plato's and Cicero's over their choice scenes
5. food." * This is the interpretation of Augustine {de G. D. lib. xviii. c. 23). f St. Opt
6. having come into Egypt in the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus, to escape from a famine i
7. e, and sent telling it home. Upon which Ptolemy imprisoned them, all tlie corn, it them
8. d out are the same as were known to St. Augustine, and cannot be i-ead by any one without
9. ield up his charge. A heavy blow from a smith's fist nearly stunned only reply. him,
10. hands she * f St. Ambrose, ubi supra. "Sterne Eector, divide jamias, Coeli, obserrata
11. rivate celebration, as we know from St. Augustine and others was not a rare privilege.* A
12. a lady beyond the Tiber. (Paulinus, St. Augustine mentions a priest's saying Mass in a ho

Author: Eric Lease Morgan <>
Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016