Concordance for Everybody's St. Francis : by Maurice Francis Egan... with pictures by M. Boutet de Monvel.

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1.   s and the following quotations are from Dante Gabriel Rossetti's ' Dante and His Circ
2. ons are from Dante Gabriel Rossetti's ' Dante and His Circle." [24] qo aviAH A a no I
3. s of the corti by day and night! When > Dante Gabriel Rossetti's translation. [301 YO
4. eautiful than the world has ever seen." Cervantes laughed the bedizened specter of Spanis
5. ruler of his epoch, irresponsible this Dante puts in his luxury; and for The scent o
6. Probably Francis saw her in church, as Dante saw Beatrice, and marked her for his ow
7. mother's tongue, which was poets before Dante had among created the language that was
8. ithout the taste for the Itahan Francis Dante might have and Ariosto, too. What, then
9. talianate beauties of Spenser and young Milton? "Viva Jesu! Viva Maria!" called out th

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016