Concordance for Evaline, or, Weighed and not wanting : a Catholic tale / By P.J. Coen.

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1.   lish, and hence, perhaps, the premature gray hairs. He was an adventurer by nature i
2. en that fell loosely on her shoulders ; blue eyes, bright riage, and sparkling ; a s
3. a well formed head, over which his dark black carelessness ; hair flowed with gracefu
4. re scattered through his otherwise dark black hair. Evaline and have had an opportuni
5. changed to Ev aline ; and the note, as black in nature as it was in ink, was inserte
6. uth, and who, to speak the was not as " green as he looked/' though his Irish brogue
7. Weighed and not Wanting. Wearing of the Green," — 47 " Pat Malloy," —and gotten b
8. t- long overmeself, as maybe I'm not as green my looks. But no matter. Anypoor ways a
9. e, purty nose, and a and sich a pair of black eyes — rale beauties. Faix ! you're t
10. arried, might as well be expectin' girl white black- birds as lookin' after a like yo
11. , might as well be expectin' girl white black- birds as lookin' after a like you. Arr
12. re He drew ; a corduroy breeches, and a red waist-coat coat. — mind i a red waist
13. and a red waist-coat coat. — mind i a red waist- a wattle out of a tent for a cud
14. wait ; or, things, the garsoon with the red waistcoat, to let my grandfather thank
15. ou know," interrogated Pad- dy "who the red-waistcoat was?" " How could I Every " k
16. assure you thrue. Sure the fairies wear red waistcoats." " It may be true," said th
17. her there's virtue in quiverin', bit of black-thorn,' and flourishin' his stick in Do
18. an over thirty and yet you he him young gray Moreover, turning —which makes hairs
19. hat ? nature would be the glance of his black piercing eye on seeing her Would vile i
20. ou not to swear looked in those eyes of blue read a promise there. And — 1 86 1 '
21. anx- iously to see a figure clothed in white appear. Ecco il Papa is whispered be- h

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016