Concordance for Evaline, or, Weighed and not wanting : a Catholic tale / By P.J. Coen.

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1.   uch amusement is a quotation taken from Shakespeare and Byron. « Why, a ; certainly/' said
2. ; Evaline ; say he is or, i5o too old. Shakespeare was a first very prudent man, and a of
3. ; He's old suite forever passages from Shakespeare 1 and now you follow As God made you he
4. ou he matched you/ it seems to me. Hang Shakespeare, Byron, Moore and all the poets, from H
5. e, Byron, Moore and all the poets, from Homer to Longfellow What fine les! sons they
6. and wound up with a quotation Will from Shakespeare. you promise ; Weighed and not Wanting.
7. : St. is : The spouse St. of Christ And Augustine says She is the holy Church, the one Ch

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016