Concordance for Dalaradia; or, The days of King Milcho / by William Collins ...

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1.   But they who strayed amid the woodlands green Were dearer, fairer, brighter than the 
2. er time, in the year of grace, 432. The green woods of Dalaradia* were clothed in the
3. dant corn fields and forests, and their brown heads, wreathed in clouds, stretched fa
4. ose up, or fairer landscape lay, in all green Ulster. Milcho, the chief of the valley
5. imes dangerous pleasure of hunting; the red deer and wild boar that throno;ed the w
6. rimson and azure, and pale, transparent green, and The scarlet-plumed ro])in darts st
7. ng them. As she bends downward her long black tresses flow over her shoulders, upon t
8. Her complexion is of that soft, pearly white that glows upon the leaf of a waterlily
9. large, beautiful eyes are not entirely black, except when excited or when an enthusi
10. epose, they partake of a rich mist-like brown, that relieves them from the sharp bril
11. om the sharp brilliancy which renders a black eye often severe and unfeminine. She is
12. any a careless curl about her face. Her blue and laughing eyes, seldom at rest, spar
13. a thousand virgins arrayed in spotless white, bent before the holy fire of Belus tha
14. e. An aged and venerable man with long, white hair and beard approached. Tliough age
15. lished and shining as the sun, and with green plumes dancing in the evening air, Milc
16. me in nature, where the hills, on whose purple sides the eagles have built their nests
17. in the world has witnessed or borne,so black and demoniac in its character, tliat it
18. n our mashalled hosts ranged around his green throne, the three tribes of Erinn, to d
19. storians thronged. the ocean, and their white wings, spead to the wooing breeze, look
20. weeps o er the strings, 'Tis of him and green Erlnn he lovingly sings. To the cliief
21. ins in grandeur soar high o'er the sea^ Green Erinn shall ever pay homage to thee. 26
22. heart is heavy with woe, for tliis is a black, black niglit for Erie." " You speak in
23. s heavy with woe, for tliis is a black, black niglit for Erie." " You speak in enigma
24. rene lake, margined with trees of vivid green. Huge oaks, tliat had endured the storm
25. s of centuries, gnarled, moss-grown and gray, but still vigorous in strength and bea
26. l, silent circuit of the wood. Here the white-robed Druid, Conra, solemn-faced and sn
27. ere, meanwhile, drowned by a company of black, naked figures who, with wild eyes and
28. 42 of the dread rite sometliing like a black screen or mass of rolling cloud suddenl
29. ie rushed to fold her to his heart, the black and frowning face of Conra intervened b
30. spoke not, but as her glance met his, a red flush mantled, for a moment, her cheek,
31. s, his happiness, and his heart, in the green woods of Dalarandia. As Sybilla returne
32. wager a mether of stout ale, that that blue-eyed, golden-haired Cailin^ Una, has so
33. and wolf, and sometimes even v^^ith the red deer and elk." " Tell us what is amies
34. the darkness below. His beard, long and white, waved in the night-wind, and when for
35. Y IN THE FOREST. When merry in the good green wood, the mavis and merle are singing,
36. thousand censors shall burn, while the white-robed priests offer up the sacred blood
37. nce within your own territory, When the white wand of will be greater than any Druid'
38. ndeed, glorious. Clothed in a mantle of green, the huge and gnarled oaks raised tliei
39. y looked brilliant in the sunthe living green of shine, with crimson and gold, and gr
40. en of shine, with crimson and gold, and green the forest trees mingled in luxuriant m
41. led them to give him an His long beard, white as the driven snow, attentive hearing.
42. od a dozen of his disciples, dressed in white. He was now sixty years of age, but his
43. ck of bloodhounds, whose fiery eyes and red protruding tongues, betokened their sav
44. panting they flung themselves on tlieir red. knees before the king, unable in their
45. She stood like a queen, and her vesture green, Shone out as a laurel sun-lighted And
46. n trod its wooded sides in chase of the red deer and wolf, and on his return, with
47. e Colpa ceased to sink And they say the white deer by Mullahs side, O'er the green ma
48. he white deer by Mullahs side, O'er the green margin bending forbore to drink; Tliat
49. ll pray for thee, and thy memory remain green in their O ! ! ! ! O ! — — A hearts
50. liey lay upon the mossy sward, amid the green woods of Dalaradia. The soft silver lig
51. eave tlie pleasant glens and valleys of green Dalaradia for the bleak and sterile hil
52. from you." The multitude knelt on tlie green sod, leaving St. Patrick Uplifting Ids
53. continue with them. He prophesied that green Ulster would be famous for her Christia
54. e the stronghold of the gods. Adown the green banks of the Braid, on the very path wh
55. APTER XVIL CONGAL AND UNA. Earth now is green, and heaven is blue, Lovely spring, whi
56. UNA. Earth now is green, and heaven is blue, Lovely spring, which makes all new, Lo
57. olded loosely about him, tures. and the green plume in his military cap bespeak him a
58. oodness is, perliaps, imequalled in all green Emania. She is His companion, who betro
59. eedom's baimer proudly waved Throughout green Innisfail I n. Hushed is the harp, and
60. 8ilent and cold in death tliey Ho sung green Erin's name, Her glory and her chivalry
61. as free and indt^pendent from where the white capped breakers of Cape Clear, dasli on
62. ougli he looked with longing eye on the green mountains and fidr valleys of Erinn, wh
63. d his guide, muffled in a long, flowing white veil, beckoned him to follow. She led h
64. clinking their cups and quaff hig their brown ale in jo(*>ose ahandon and familiar fr
65. re followers of yonder impostor, wliose white tent j^ou can see from here. Is it not
66. uld freely exchange their youth for his gray hairs, to enjoy the privilege of being
67. y part, I prefer to remain here, on the green sward, with the light of the daygod str
68. proceeded towards the river, where the white tent of Patrick was set. He did not go
69. f his beams danced in gladness upon the green sward beneath, and on the lofty turrets
70. SIng, ; ; years. —Aubrey Be Vere. The red deer roams on Tulla's side, These hills
71. e, and come with me To Alva's woodlands green. ! And O She listened She heard Then to
72. embling tear away, That dimmed her soft blue eye She flung the lattice open wide, An
73. ands who surrounded it, wailing for the gray of morning, to light them again to his
74. hen Fergus on that night, seated on the green sward, before tlie tent of the Saint, s
75. rst that had ever dawned on Erinn. On a green knoll an altar was erected, on which Pa
76. The chosen leaf, Of Bard and Chief, The green, immortal shariirock,** and demonstrate
77. May-moon shed her lustrous beams on the white tents of the Christians, and a hundred
78. of it will only serve to keep it longer green. God decreed that these things should h
79. a give it me again, and hie thee to the green woods of Tir-owen, where thy Mahon's he
80. er, A. D., 434. Rosy June smiled on the green woods of Tir-owen. Lake and river lay b
81. ell upon the mountain tops, kissing the red blossomed heather, and shedding a flood
82. tinels the Finn and Foyle, to where the green groves and fertile plains of Dungannon
83. the van, and beside liim, mounted on a gray palfrey, rode his sister, the Princess
84. ied iier were fifty maidens, clothed in green. Conall, attended by Cathal, Owen, Brat
85. a welcome peal. Then, emerging from the green wood, with gay banners and waving plume
86. n the blessed light of day, beneath the blue dome of heaven, the first Christian mar
87. asions, O'Cathan placed in his hand the white wand of chief tancy, and proclaimed him
88. d happiness possess my soul. For is not green Erinn to-day, rescued from the evils of
89. ays look down with an eye of love, upon green Erinn. As they ceased, the spears of th
90. s and lovely maidens they revisited the green woods of TuUough-oge, and to their chil
91. l his death. Conall and Owen lived to a green old age, ministering to the spiritual w
92. KNOCK ALL FOR THE SACRED HEART. Cloth, red French morocco, round corners Turkey mo
93. s ...... 2 50 Turkey Morocco, flexible, red under gold edges....... net 5 00 Turkey
94. ...... net 5 00 Turkey Morocco, padded, red under gold edges.... ......... net 5 60
95. net 5 60 6 OO Divinity Circuit, red, under gold edges Complete Bible and Pr
96. er Mrs. 75 1 25 BRITISH CATHOLIC POETS. Red line, gilt edges, cloth BROOKSI ANA. Co
97. minence Cardinal Newman CANNON'S POEMS. Red line. Gilt edge CAPTAIN ROSCOFF. A Talc
98. STANT GARDENS. Gilt edges, steel plate. Red 125 75 75 Imitation half 1 , CATHOLIC O
99. gfha, the Miser. The Tithe-Proctor* The Black Baronet. The Evil Eye. The Black Prophe
100. r* The Black Baronet. The Evil Eye. The Black Prophet. CASTLE OF ROUSSILLON. By Mrs.
101. Ignatius (Spencer). Passionist. Cloth, red edges 75 10 75 CHRISTIAN POLITENESS FOR
102. nsus Rodriguez ot the Society of Jesus. red edges 3 vols., xamo, cloth, - 1 60 25 C
103. ER, CHRISTIAN'S RULE OF LIFE, By CloLh, red edges St. a vols., 8vo , net net 2 00 2
105. lier COLLINS' BALLADS, SONGS AND POEMS. Red line, gilt . 75 50 1 1 1 edges COMMANDA
106. LES M. A. Quinton 1 AND GOSPELS. Cloth, red edges ERRATA OF THE PROTESTANT BIBLE (W
107. S Irom.... FLOWERS OF CHRISTIAN WISDOM. Red ed}108. Right Rev. Bishop 160 12a 40 1 00 60 75 red edges ••.. French morocco or Persia
109. Christ with reflectiong, 34 mo., cloth, red edges Also made in finer bindingt. Comp
110. DEN BOOK OF THE CONFRATERNITIES. Cloth, red edges, over 400 pages 00 76 86 60 75 GO
112. MARY, THE. FOR THE MONTH OF MAY. Cloth, red edges, over 500 pages 1 26 60 40 00 76
114. WITH THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS. cloth, red edges, 170 pages. .....................
116. rt II, net, 60 40 XA FONTAINE'S FABLES. Red Line Edition. Giltedges—. 125 75 LAST
117. 75 76 ;;0 LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST. a4 mo., red edges..... By St. Alphonsus M. LIguori.
118. 0 LIFE OF MOTHER SETON. Steel portrait. Red edges 1 00 LIFE OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS.
119. Holy Ghost. OF CHILDREN OF MARY. Cloth, red edges cO (Prayerbock). Prices upwards f
121. NTH OF MARY. By Rev. D. Roberto. Cloth, red edges MONTH OF MARY, By Rev.A. Gratry.
122. 2 18 60 2 50 40 mo , large type, cloth, red edges..................... ... 1 mo., c
123. ..................... ... 1 mo., cloth, red edges........ .-.., net 24 mo., cloth,
124. 0 LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP. 32 mo. Cloth, red edges 40 2 00 OUR LADY OF LOURDES. By L
125. 450 pages, 24 full page illustrations. Red line. Gilt edges 4 00 PROCTER'S POEMS.
126. NG SALVATION. Alphonsus Liguori. Cloth, red edges 60 PROPHECIES OF ST. COLUMBKILLE.
128. ODRIGUEZ CHRISTIAN PERFECTION. 3 vols., red edge, net 2 00 ROME,TheCapitalof theChr
129. llustrations calf, 2 00 Quarto Edition, red gold edges Also finer bindings. Persian
130. so finer bindings. Persian list padded, red under 4 00 Complete on applicat
131. LIFE. By St. Alphonsus Liguori. Cloth, red edgei... STORIES OF OLD NEW YORK, Etc.
132. tion. Cloth. net SERAPHIC STAFF. Cloth, red edges BERAPHIC OCTAVE, THE. Cloth, red
133. red edges BERAPHIC OCTAVE, THE. Cloth, red edges net SEMME'S SERVICE AFLOAT. Cruis
134. E YEAR. By Rev. New edition, 650 pages. Red edges net •SERMONS BY AECHB'P O'GALLA
135. TTAGES. By Lady Georgiana Fulierton TWO GRAY TOURISTS. By Richard Malcom Johnston TW

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