Concordance for A new treatise on the duty of a Christian towards God : being an enlarged and improved version of the original treatise / written by J.B. de La Salle ; translated from the French by Mrs. J. Sadlier.

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1.   nd to praj ! " Astonishing fact '' sayi Montesquieu, struck with these truths, " that relig
2. e second to St Andrew ; the third to St James ; the fouith to p^mi:y'Tx<.' ^vs^-'-- -
3. fifth to St Thomas ; ; the sixth to St James nation of articles, man id aild of the
4. quity never knew. We ; ii :'iU Example. Epictetus being asked what God is, replied " If I
5. nto this mystery is rashness," says St. Augustine, " to believe it by the light of faith,
6. which was also that of Epicurus and of Lucretius, is a disgrace to the human mind. Accor
7. . God their The great men of antiquity, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, and a multitude of
8. heir The great men of antiquity, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, and a multitude of others, dis
9. fess 3 patriarchs true God of all their Aristotle, jy the light ances, that tliat he stil
10. uld subjugat " Many tlie entire world." Tacitus relates the same thing. were persuaded,
11. les were Peter, and Andrew his brother, James and John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Matthew
12. Phillip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James the son of Alpheus, and his brother Jud
13. ven." the sublimity : Even Jean Jacques Rousseau, charmed with tins beautiful doctrine,
14. ows how weakness or ostentation ? -When Plato describes his imaginary character of a
15. marvellous than its hero." Emile {J. J. Rousseau ) ! — ; (i'll as ExAMPLE^i his friend
16. he skeptic, and retailing with infinite Rousseau against the divinity of " Gentlemen " s
17. happened to a young man, in Africa, in Augustine's Cyril ; he was much addicted to drink
18. itted by one man, in one single day St. Augustine was very soon informed of this lamentab
19. aving given birth to such a monster. St Augustine availed himself cf the opportunity to s
20. •.> * ,* ', >^ ' " ^1 ? Example. St. Augustine resisted grace when, being pressed to r
21. ? from the slough of infamy and guilt?" Augustine then co-operated with grace, and he fel
22. !'* " That is not sufficient," says St Augustine ; " recourse must be had to the Sacrame
23. t confession !" is a very good thing St Augustine has had the courage to write his confes
24. t is explained to us by the apostle St. James, in " If any one be sick amongst you, l
25. ts wisdom," says the us that grace. St. James, " let him ask it of God, who givoth ap
26. ness which fills the soul with What St. Augustine experienced, is also the case joy. with

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