Concordance for But Thy love and Thy grace / by Francis J. Finn ; with illustrations by Charles C. Svendsen.

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1.   Catenet, i 50 chism, and Edited by Rev. James J. Baxter, D.D. net, 1 10 Apostles' Cre
2. e. Cloth, o 75 May Devotions, New. Rev. Augustine Wirth, O.S.B. net, 1 oc Means op Grace.
3. n. Fred's Little Daughter. Sara Trainer Smith. e 45 9 Gertrude's Experience. Godfrey
4. mmy Giehrl. MiLLY AvELiNG. Sara Trainer Smith. Cloth, Mysterious Doorway. Anna T. Sad
5. Old Charlmont's Seed-Bed. Sara Trainer Smith. Old Robber's Castle. Canon Schmid, Oli
6. Emmerich, of the Order of St. net. I SO Augustine. Rev. Thomas Wegener, O.S.A. Life of St
7. . I 00 Life of St. Clare of Montefalco. Locke, O.S.A. net. 75 Life of Mlle. Le Gras.
8. 00 net, 2 00 Compendium Juris Canonici. Smith. Compendium Juris Regularium. Edidit P.
9. ments of Ecclesiastical Law. Rev. S. B. Smith, D.D. Ecclesiastical Persons. net, 2 50
10. ogia Fundamentalis. Tanquerey. Views of Dante. By E. L. Rivard, C.S.V. net, 1 2s MISC

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Date created: October 16, 2010
Date updated: August 23, 2016